Liberty University Dual Enrollment Online for Flexible and Convenient Pathways to Higher Education

Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) offers a dual enrollment program for high schoolers. With LUOA, students can start earning college credits in high school. This gives them a jumpstart on their college studies.

Students take online classes that count for high school and college. This means they explore many subjects early. They also save time and money later on.

LUOA helps students and parents every step of the way. They offer advisors, teachers who are available, and support through phone and chat. The program is high-quality, with international and regional accreditations from ACSI and SACS CASI, part of Cognia.

The program also has easy payment plans and discounts for certain families. These include families with multiple students and those in military, missionary, or pastoral work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberty University Online Academy offers a flexible and convenient dual enrollment program for high school students.
  • Students can earn college credits while still in high school, saving time and money.
  • LUOA provides personalized support, including advisors and teachers with office hours.
  • The program is internationally and regionally accredited, ensuring the quality of education.
  • LUOA offers payment plan options and discounts for families enrolling multiple students and special circumstances.

Transform Your Home into a Private Christian School with LUOA

Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) allows high school students to create private Christian schools at home. This program includes various online courses. These courses are designed to fit within a Christian environment and belief system. Students also have the chance to earn college credits before their high school graduation. This gives them an early start on their college education.

High school students must meet specific requirements to join LUOA’s dual enrollment. They need to keep their grades above a certain level. They should also finish certain classes first. If they meet these conditions, they earn college credits that count toward both high school and college degrees.

This program offers lots of good things for students. They can earn college credits early. Plus, they can learn about new topics and get better at studying and their personal growth. LUOA’s online classes are interesting and challenging. This makes learning both fun and meaningful.

LUOA allows flexible online learning with the backing of a Christian school’s support.

LUOA stresses a Christian education in its online classes. Students study many subjects, all from a Christian point of view. This helps strengthen their faith as they study.

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Joining LUOA’s dual enrollment gives high schoolers more than just credits. It allows them to explore various topics, improve their study skills, and grow as people. All this happens from the comfort of their home. They still get top-notch support from their teachers and advisors. LUOA’s dual enrollment is a great start for a strong college education.

Customizable Learning Plans for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

LUOA knows every student is unique. We offer customized learning plans for different grade levels. These plans are tailored to each student’s learning style and goals.

Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Our elementary program builds a solid education foundation. Students learn in a supportive and spiritual setting. We teach a comprehensive curriculum from a biblical view. Plus, families can choose their start dates.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle school is about becoming independent learners. Students get personalized plans to study subjects in their own time. Our teachers give support, and students can access everything 24/7.

High School (Grades 9-12)

Our high school program opens many doors. Students can learn at their own pace. We also offer starting courses at flexible times. For fast learners, there’s a chance to get an associate degree through LUOA.

Costs for dual enrollment at LUOA depend on the credit hours and any discounts. We aim to keep education affordable by offering competitive prices. For more info on costs and payment plans, check our website.

Thinking about dual enrollment with us? Applying online is easy and straightforward. Our team will guide you through the process. Start your journey with LUOA and enjoy a top-notch education experience!

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Get a Head Start on College with LUOA’s Dual Enrollment Program

LUOA’s dual enrollment program lets high schoolers start their college education early. With online classes, students earn college credits while still in high school. This gives them a big step forward toward their college degrees.

Dual enrollment has many benefits. It saves time and money on college. Students take college-level courses during high school, which means fewer classes in college and a quicker path to their degree.

Many of LUOA’s courses count for both high school and college credit. This helps meet high school and college requirements at the same time.

Students can gain skills needed for college through dual enrollment. They learn how to study effectively, manage time wisely, and think critically. Working with college teachers also helps them grow academically and personally.

In dual enrollment, students have the chance to explore different subjects. They can find what they’re passionate about and choose a college major based on these interests. This makes their college transition smoother as they already have an idea about their field of study.

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In summary, LUOA’s dual enrollment is a great start for high school students. It helps them earn college credits, saves time and money, and provides essential skills for college success. Whether aiming for a few college courses or an associate degree, LUOA’s program supports their academic and career goals.


Liberty University Online Academy makes it easy to start college early. It lets high school students take online college courses. Through this, students earn college credits, save time, and begin their higher education journey early.

The academy offers online classes designed for students seeking a Christian education. These classes help turn homes into places of learning. Students get to create their own plan with the help of skilled teachers and advisors.

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Students have the option to work towards an associate degree. They can also take standalone courses that will boost their high school studies. This program prepares them well for their future studies and careers.


What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment lets high schoolers take college classes for credit before they graduate. It’s a way to get a head start.

What are the benefits of dual enrollment?

It helps students save time and money in their college years. They also get a taste of college life ahead of time.

How do I apply for dual enrollment at Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA)?

To apply, head to LUOA’s website. There, you’ll find all the steps to follow.

What courses are available for dual enrollment?

LUOA offers a lot of courses online. These classes can count for both high school and college credit.

What are the eligibility requirements for dual enrollment?

To join, you might need a certain GPA. You’ll also have to finish some classes before starting.

How much does dual enrollment at LUOA cost?

The price changes based on how many credits you take. There might be discounts available too.

Does LUOA offer online admissions for dual enrollment?

Yes, you can apply online. LUOA’s process is designed for high schoolers looking to jumpstart their college journey.

Can elementary and middle school students participate in dual enrollment?

Yes, LUOA has plans for younger students too. This includes those in elementary and middle school.

How can LUOA support parents and students throughout the dual enrollment experience?

LUOA offers a lot of help. From personal advisors to teachers you can talk to, they’re always available.

Can high school students earn an associate degree through LUOA’s dual enrollment program?

Yes, it’s possible. High school students can work towards an associate degree with LUOA’s program.