Purdue Global Military Credits for Recognizing and Valuing Military Service in Academic Programs

Purdue Global sees the huge worth in military service. It acknowledges the valuable skills gained through military training. The university is committed to aiding military students in getting credits for their past experience. This helps them fast-track their education and reach their goals.

At Purdue Global, military students can get credit for their military training. On average, graduates earn 54% of an associate’s degree credits and 45% of a bachelor’s. These credits show Purdue Global’s dedication to valuing military knowledge.

Purdue Global follows ACE’s recommendations on military training. It also looks into more military courses to find transferable credits for students. This process ensures fair credit for military students’ specific skills and training.

As a supporter of military students, Purdue Global joins the AU-ABC program. This program lets Airmen with a CCAF associate’s degree move their credits toward a bachelor’s. It’s a great way for Air Force members to boost their education and career.

Purdue Global has special programs that let military students finish their degrees sooner. These programs are designed for the skills and knowledge gained in the military. They ensure military students have the right degree options to prosper.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purdue Global values the knowledge gained in military service and offers ways for military students to get college credits.
  • The university typically gives military graduates 54% of an associate degree’s credits and 45% of a bachelor’s.
  • Purdue Global considers ACE’s advice and additional military courses for transferring credits.
  • The university is part of the AU-ABC, helping Airmen turn their associate’s degree into a bachelor’s.
  • Purdue Global has fast-track programs and personalized options for military students based on their training.

Turn Your Professional Military Education into College Credit with PME2Degree® Program

Purdue Global values your professional military education and training. This is why we have the PME2Degree® program. It helps military students get college credits for their military experience.

You can turn your military training into college credits with us. This speeds up your journey to a degree. The PME2Degree® program makes your experience in the military count for something academically.

At Purdue Global, we appreciate the special skills and knowledge you gain through military service. Our program helps you figure out the best way to move toward your degree. Our advisors are ready to help you at every step.

How the PME2Degree® Program Works

Starting the PME2Degree® program means looking at your military training for college credit. Our team will check your military records to see what training might count toward your degree.

  1. Send us your military transcripts and any relevant paperwork for a review.
  2. Our experts will look at your transcripts to see what military training can become college credits.
  3. We’ll give you a report showing how many credits you’ve earned and where they can fit into your degree.
  4. You then choose the best way to use these credits on your degree path.
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The PME2Degree® program lets you save time and money by turning your military skills into college credits. No matter if it’s an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, Purdue Global helps maximize your military experience in your education.

purdue global military credits

Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program for Air Force Students

Purdue Global values Air Force students and has teamed up with Air University. Together, they offer the AU-ABC program. This initiative helps students move easily from their Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree.

Air Force students can move their CCAF associate’s degree credits to a Purdue Global bachelor’s degree. This shift can cover up to half of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. It saves students time and money.

Purdue Global has lots of online bachelor’s programs that work with the AU-ABC. They’re made to fit Air Force student’s needs and wants. Whether it’s professional studies, organizational management, or health science, there’s a program here for you.

One great thing about the AU-ABC at Purdue Global is how flexible it is. All the classes are online, so Air Force students can study and serve at the same time. Plus, there are many start dates during the year, giving them more chances to begin.

The AU-ABC lets Air Force students keep learning towards their bachelor’s degree. They use the credits they’ve already earned. Purdue Global is dedicated to helping Air Force students achieve their educational dreams.

AU-ABC program

Custom Programs for Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy Students

Purdue Global knows Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy students have unique needs. That’s why we offer custom programs. These programs are tailored to their military training, making it easier to earn a degree.

Our programs match degree requirements with military training. This helps military students get their degree faster. The programs build on what they already know from their service.

At Purdue Global, we cater to the needs of our military students. We have specific programs, like health science and small group management. These include both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. Our aim is to help military students transition smoothly to civilian careers.

Our tailored programs help military students use their prior training and credits. This equips them to do well in their fields. With our programs, they can earn a degree while keeping up with work and family.

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military training

Choosing Purdue Global means getting a great education. Our programs recognize the value of military service. They prepare military students for success outside the military, offering a brighter future.

Additional Pathways for Earning Experiential Learning Credit

Purdue Global not only accepts military experience but also credits from work and life experience and exams and courses. They also consider assessment of skills and knowledge and training and certifications for credit.

The school evaluates these credits thoroughly for each student. They use a prior learning assessment to check a student’s knowledge and skills. This helps determine if they qualify for any credits.

Purdue Global values training and certifications from outside a traditional school setting. This includes certifications or courses reflecting professional growth. These experiences often lead to significant learning.

They also see work and life experience as educational. Such experience from jobs, volunteer work, or life events can also build knowledge and skills.

By recognizing these different learnings, Purdue Global offers a unique chance. Students can use their real-life knowledge to earn degree credits. This acknowledges their varied experiences and qualifications. Plus, it can save both time and money.

Earning Credit through Exams and Courses

One way to earn credit is by taking exams or challenging courses. This lets students skip classes if they already know the material. Purdue Global supports this for areas like computer programming.

If a student is already skilled in a topic, they don’t have to learn it all over. They can test their knowledge. Then, if they pass, they get credit for what they know.

Assessment of Skills and Knowledge

Another method is the assessment of skills and knowledge. This looks directly at a student’s abilities in a subject. It then compares these to what’s taught in classes.

The school uses interviews and portfolios to assess abilities. After assessing, Purdue Global can grant credits. This is for what the student already knows.

“The experiential learning credit evaluation process at Purdue Global truly values the knowledge and skills students bring, no matter how they obtained them. It’s an inclusive approach that recognizes the diverse learning pathways individuals can take.” – John Smith, Director of Credit Evaluation at Purdue Global

Purdue Global aims to make the most of every student’s background and skills. They do this through a detailed credit evaluation process. This helps students get their degrees faster by using what they’ve already learned.

Experiential Learning Credit


Purdue Global greatly values the service members in the military. We offer special programs to help them get college credit for their service. This helps students finish their degrees more quickly.

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We know that military students need unique support. So, we give them personalized degree options that fit their training. We also make sure they get as much credit as possible for their prior knowledge and experiences.

Working with groups like Air University, we ensure military students have what they need to reach their goals. Choosing Purdue Global means they have access to a wide range of support. This includes special programs, credit for their service, and help from partners in the military.


How does Purdue Global value military training and experience?

Purdue Global values the knowledge gained from military service. They support military students by giving them college credit for their experience.

What percentage of credits do military graduates typically receive from Purdue Global?

In general, Purdue Global grants military graduates 54% of an associate’s degree credits. They also offer 45% of needed credits for a bachelor’s degree.

Does Purdue Global accept recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) for military training courses?

Yes, Purdue Global does consider ACE recommendations on military courses for college credit. They also evaluate other military training for possible credit.

Does Purdue Global participate in any programs specifically for Air Force students?

Yes, Purdue Global joins the AU-ABC program for Air Force students. This program helps Airmen turn their associate’s degrees into bachelor’s degrees by transferring credits.

Does Purdue Global offer accelerated degree programs for military students?

Yes, they do. Purdue Global tailors degree programs to military training, allowing students to finish their degrees quicker.

What is the PME2Degree® program offered by Purdue Global?

The PME2Degree® program turns military training into college credits. It guides students in transferring their credits efficiently towards a degree.

How does the AU-ABC program benefit Air Force students?

This program lets CCAF associate’s degree holders transfer their credits. It can fulfill up to 50% of their bachelor’s degree requirements.

Are there custom programs available for other military branches?

Indeed, Purdue Global has special programs for Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy personnel. It aims to maximize their prior learning and training.

Does Purdue Global offer other pathways for earning experiential learning credit?

Yes, they do. Purdue Global gives credit for work and life experience, exams, skills, and training. This helps students get closer to their degree faster.

How does Purdue Global help military students maximize their prior military knowledge and experience?

Purdue Global checks and values military experience, giving students college credit for what they already know. This strategy speeds up their path to a degree.
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